The benefits of Virtual Private Servers (VPS Hosting)

Posted on 27 Aug 2010 by Matt Russell

VPS Hosting has been a core product of ours for some time now. In this blog post, we look at some of the features it offers and the benefits of a VPS over a reseller hosting plan.

First, let’s look at the difference in architecture between a regular shared/reseller web hosting server and a VPS node.

shared server versus virtual private server

The image above shows a simplified version of the differences. A normal web server will have accounts created on a local hard drive, directly accessing the CPU/Processor and Memory resources. While this is fine under normal circumstances, it can mean that any one account on the server can use more than it’s fair share of available server resources. Good server administrators like us track and have safeguards to prevent excessive usage but occasionally, some accounts can slip through the net. This can result in a slow down on the server and in rare cases, the entire server can overload and become unreachable. In these instances, a reboot is required.

On a VPS node, a virtualization layer is added between the software and the hardware. With WebHostingBuzz, this virtualization layer is provided by either Xen or OpenVZ. The virtualization layer takes all of the hardware resources and allocates these to individual virtual private servers with no direct access to the server resources themselves.

This offers several benefits:

  • No one account can use / steal an unfair amount of server resources
  • No one account can cause the server to crash or overload
  • The virtualization layer provides a root login for each VPS or virtual private server. This means that each one can be considered a mini dedicated server
  • You can create and sell your own reseller hosting with a VPS
  • There are a few important things to note when choosing a VPS.

    1. A VPS is like a mini dedicated server, giving you full root access. If you choose an unmanaged VPS, you are responsible for the security and software updates on the VPS itself. If you choose a managed VPS or addon management plan, we look after these for you.

    2. Each VPS is allocated fixed resources by the virtualization layer. If you use all of these resources, the VPS can slow down and website performance will degrade. This is easily fixed by upgrading to the next level of VPS that we offer.

    3. cPanel control panel costs an additional $8 per month with a VPS but you get the added benefit of being able to create your own reseller accounts. Your resellers get their own WebHostManager login, just like you would have with a reseller account.

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