We’re firmly against SOPA

Posted on 04 Jan 2012 by Matt Russell

Back in October 2011, well before Reddit users launched a campaign against GoDaddy’s support of SOPA, WebHostingBuzz quietly signed up to the SaveHosting.org coalition.

SaveHosting is a coalition of web hosts who oppose both the proposed SOPA and the PIPA bills in their current form.

We feel that both would be hugely damaging to our industry. They would hurt both service providers and consumers. These bills are pushed by the likes of the RIAA who have put little thought into the innocent webmaster and hosting companies who will inevitably get caught in the cross fire. As a hosting company, we could be forced to take websites down with no proof or due¬†diligence. If we didn’t, we’d be the target of countless lawsuits that could put us and other hosting providers out of business.

We already have DMCA which generally works well. If someone infringes on your copyrighted material or patents, a correctly served DMCA notice gets dealt with at WebHostingBuzz within 8 hours. Other hosting companies are similarly quick in dealing with DMCA, although some have been sued for not acting quick enough. This in itself is disappointing. Can you imagine the RIAA responding/reacting to the all of the complaints it gets within 8 hours? You are lucky to receive a response in weeks, if at all, with some of these organizations that are currently lobbying the government.


For those interested, here are the current internal policies that we have for any type of abuse complaint:

  • Phishing/Hacking – Investigation within 30 minutes, response to complainant within 60 minutes
  • Spamming – Investigation within 60 minutes, response to complainant within 4 hours
  • DMCA and similar – Investigation within 4 hours, response to complainant within 8 hours
  • Any other abuse – Investigation and response within 12 hours


We have to allocate a significant amount of human resources to deal with the above. And at any time, we have multiple complaints of different nature that are open. Some are valid, some are not valid, but we investigate each one with the right level of due diligence.

In addition to PIPA and SOPA damaging privacy rights and hurting webmasters, they will also place a large additional burden on the abuse and technical teams of web hosting companies like us. This will probably result in price increases by all of the major companies as we are forced to allocate even more human resources to dealing with these complaints. And that only hurts the industry.

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