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5 Things Web Hosting Buzz Has to Offer - WebHostingBuzz US Blog
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5 Things Web Hosting Buzz Has to Offer

Web Hosting Buzz has a variety of services to help your business

Posted on 05 Apr 2022 by Michelle

There’s a lot one can do on the internet. If you plan on making your name on the web, you may need some help in getting started. Web Hosting Buzz has a variety of services and aid to offer both budding and professional designers, resellers, and developers. From web hosting to dedicated servers, we can help get your site off the ground, circulated, and protected.

Web Hosting

Ever since we started in 2002, Web Hosting Buzz has helped businesses and freelancers host their websites. No matter which plan you choose, every site hosted with us includes unlimited bandwidth and free SSL protection. You never have to worry about your site going down, and we use modern practices to help prevent hacking and bugs.

We work hard to ensure your site is up and running as quickly as possible. We always update our customers on current, expected uptimes and work tirelessly to keep downtime as minimal as possible. Our hosting is quick and easy to use, with 1-click application integration for WordPress, Joomla, or anything you may need. And with our easy-to-use control panel, you’ll never find yourself at a loss when it comes to managing your hosted sites.

You can choose a cost-effective personal plan that offers hosting for one site with 1 GB memory, a midline developer plan that offers hosting for unlimited sites with 2 GB memory, or a business plan that lets you host unlimited sites with 3 GB memory. Whatever specifics you need for your sites, Web Hosting Buzz has them.

Reseller Hosting

Looking to make your own business out of hosting but need additional support? We offer our fast and reliable hosting services that you can use to become a professional reseller of your own. Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to offer all-inclusive services to your web design package or an enterprise that’s helping dozens of companies host their sites, we have a plan for you.

By using us to resell hosting, you get full access to all our hosting features. This means you get the same reliability and speed, getting your clients’ sites up quickly and keeping them up with little hassle. You’ll also be able to utilize our streamlined control panel to help you keep all your resold sites up to date. If you want to get started as a hosting reseller, you can rely on our quick and high-quality services to build trust and confidence with your clients.

Use Web Hosting Buzz for your hosting needs

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Virtual Private Servers

If your site needs some additional security and performance but you can’t afford a dedicated server, you can use Web Hosting Buzz to host your site on a virtual private server. All of our dedicated servers are located in world-class data centers, connecting your VPS to quick and reliable global networks. Using a VPS gives you access to a dedicated 100Mbps network port that will keep your site running smoothly while maintaining high security.

We deliver our VPS services from our own infrastructure. We keep a tight control on all servers, meaning you have less to worry about from would-be hacking attempts. Because of our direct involvement, we can also help you manage your VPS. With a VPS option, you’re making an affordable choice that will help your site run smoothly, quickly, and safely.

Dedicated Servers

If you need the next level in security and performance, then you can use Web Hosting Buzz to create your very own dedicated server. Our dedicated servers give you top-quality specifications and provide a generous bandwidth, keeping your site up and running properly at all times. We provide a free setup, and it takes only a few hours to get your server ready for deployment. And if you’re coming to us from another hosting site, we’ll help you transfer all your data and sites over to your new server for free.

With a dedicated server, you aren’t sharing your productivity and resources with other companies. Only your client is hosted on the server. This gives you more use of your CPU, hard disks, and RAM. All sites hosted through our dedicated servers also gain access to our control panel software, so you’ll be able to keep up on your management. Having a dedicated server helps you provide high-traffic performance and safety to your sites.

Quality Customer Support

At Web Hosting Buzz, we don’t appreciate long downtimes. It’s why we work so hard to keep our servers up to date and running smoothly. We carry this quick response into our customer service support as well. Our online chat has an estimated response time of under a minute. And if you need to submit a ticket, we do our best to respond within a half hour. We keep our support teams running 24/7, so we can respond to any problems at any time. Web hosting and management can happen all over the world and in any time zone. We are always ready to quickly and efficiently handle any problems that could arise.

Hosting a website, creating a dedicated server or VPS, and even reselling hosting services are a necessary part of many web businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer, an agency, or a full corporation, you can count on Web Hosting Buzz to help you create and maintain your websites. Our services offer a slew of benefits while providing high-performance hosting. With quick response times to customer service issues and a tireless effort that keeps our downtimes low, there’s no better company to help you get your hosting off the ground.

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