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3 Reseller Hosting Tips to Write Down Today - WebHostingBuzz US Blog
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3 Reseller Hosting Tips to Write Down Today

Reseller hosting helps you get ahead in your business

Posted on 08 Jul 2022 by Michelle

Websites are a necessity for many businesses these days. With the continuing growth of the internet, having even a one-page website helps any company keep up with the competition. Reseller hosting is a great way to help businesses find their online presence while supporting your own income. You can resell hosting services as a side-hustle, a full-time job, or even as a supplement to your other freelance work.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is the process of buying hosting accounts from a hosting provider and selling them to your own clients. It’s an effective way for website developers or content creators to supplement their services and provide more for their clients. You can sell your hosting services for more than you paid for them, earning you additional income without too much extra effort. You’ll also get access to the full customer support and assistance your hosting provider offers, so you can keep on top of all of your accounts.

Is Reseller Hosting Worth It?

Getting into reseller hosting doesn’t take as much time and effort as other services. With the help of your chosen hosting provider, you can quickly and easily set up your reseller hosting account and start buying plans to resell in just a few minutes. Because you aren’t the one maintaining the servers, you have more time and energy you can use to focus on other aspects of your business. Here are some tips that will help you find your footing in the reseller hosting world.

Tip One: Personalize Your Own Brand

When managing a website, owners have a cPanel that helps them locate their information and update their website’s data. Normally, the hosting provider they are using has their name, logo, and contact information available to them. However, when you sign up as a reseller, you can change the information and look of the cPanel to match your brand. You can use your name, your logo, and your contact to help keep everything under your umbrella.

With reseller hosting, there’s no need for your clients to ever know that you’re working through a third party, and that’s usually for the best. Say, for example, you’re a website designer. If you don’t offer personal hosting services, you and your client will have to coordinate and work together to get the website up on a hosting platform. But if you resell a hosting plan, you can easily handle all of the backend requirements while they enjoy the ease your services provide. You both avoid the extra headache, and you get more exposure for your business.

Reseller hosting provides you with additional support at all times

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Tip Two: Buy in Bulk

This is pretty good advice for almost any situation, but especially in reseller hosting. Buying in bulk allows you to, first of all, save money. Most hosting providers offer discounts per account the more you purchase at a time. Saving money on each account improves the profit you can make when you turn around and resell those hosting plans to your clients. Every penny saved when you buy is a penny (or two) earned when you sell.

Buying in bulk also ensures that you always have enough stock available to your clients. When you offer website hosting services, you need to make sure that you have those accounts you can set up and send to your customers. Although the process for buying new reseller hosting accounts and setting them up is relatively quick, the sooner you can get the account to your clients, the sooner you can focus on the rest of your business.

Tip Three: Take Advantage of Customer Support

You may not start your reseller journey knowing everything you need to know about website hosting. As a reseller, however, you have the same access to customer support that regular users do. Customer support is a great advantage that you can use for any situation. You can get help setting up each new account, fixing any errors or malfunctions that occur, and adjusting the cPanel settings to perfectly fit every client’s need. When you operate as a reseller, you have the full support of the hosting platform behind you to help make sure your accounts are all taken care of and your client is happy with their services.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Just like with normal hosting, reseller hosting has a variety of plans you can purchase to meet your needs. At any point, you can upgrade your reseller plan to help you manage more accounts and websites. With up to 150 GB of SSD storage and 75 cPanel accounts, a reseller hosting plan can help you match the needs of your clients. Every account comes with free SSL security and private nameservers to help keep your information and data safe from cyberthreats.

Reseller Hosting with Web Hosting Buzz

At Web Hosting Buzz, our goal is to help every customer find a quick and easy hosting option. Our 24/7 support lines are always open to help with any problem, no matter when it occurs. With our reseller hosting options, you can take your own business to the next level by offering hosting services. But you don’t have to resell our plans; they’re also perfect for site managers who want to host multiple websites for one monthly fee. When you sign up for our reseller hosting plans, you get ultimate security, power, and support for your websites. If you’re ready to begin or expand on your reseller services, you can browse our plans online and choose which is best for your needs.

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