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Four Things to Avoid With Managed Dedicated Hosting
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Four Things to Avoid With Managed Dedicated Hosting

Managed dedicated hosting services from Innohosting.

Posted on 07 Aug 2022 by Michelle

Managed dedicated hosting is just one type of web hosting that has become increasingly popular in the past decade. New advancements within the world of web hosting have allowed for greater insights into precise hosting procedures. Managed dedicated hosting is popular for its convenience, support, and functionality, and is a reliable choice for web hosts everywhere. However, there are a few mistakes commonly made by new hosts. These are the four most common mistakes in managed dedicated hosting. Also, here are some helpful insights to avoid those issues with Web Hosting Buzz. 

As one of the nation’s leading IT companies, Web Hosting Buzz has you covered for all things web hosting-related. We are the experts on managed dedicated hosting systems, resources, and insights. Contact us today to learn more about all of our comprehensive IT services and web hosting plans. You can also visit our website to compare managed dedicated hosting configurations. 

Slow Connection Speeds & Managed Dedicated Hosting

One of the mistakes many web hosts make is putting up with slow connection speeds from an unreliable hosting provider. Managed dedicated hosting is all about efficiency. However, you can’t have efficiency when you are waiting on pages to load or applications to download. In the end, your efficiency all boils down to reliable software systems that operate effectively. Web Hosting Buzz brings you some of the speediest connections on the IT market today, bundled together with other unique features that set us apart from competitors. No more worry about faulty connections, lag time, or slow connection when you choose Web Hosting Buzz’s managed dedicated hosting plans.

Security Matters! Don’t Ignore Basic Security Protocols 

Many people don’t think much about the measures they should be taking every day to protect their IT assets. However, security is just as important in the IT world as it is in the physical world. You wouldn’t go away on vacation without locking your house, so why would you make basic security errors that could jeopardize your IT systems? Basic errors like using weak passwords or using the same password for multiple sites make it easier for hackers to gain access to your IT systems. 

In the world of managed dedicated hosting, you get security support and software systems protection from your Web Hosting Buzz security team. However, it’s also important to stay on top of suspicious activity, like odd links sent via email, and report them immediately. Other choices, like adding a dual authentication system login to your hosting platform, can save you more heartache down the road. 

These choices, together with Web Hosting Buzz’s security technology, avoid security breaches, scams, hacks, and cyber threats of all types. Some cyber threats you should educate yourself on and be aware of include phishing scams, XSS and SQL injection attacks, brute force attacks, password scams, and viral injection attacks. Learn more about our powerful security software systems by visiting our website today. 

Get more from your managed dedicated hosting platform today.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Choosing the Wrong Server Configuration

Another mistake many newbies make with managed dedicated hosting is choosing the wrong server configuration for their individual needs. At Web Hosting Buzz, we offer multiple managed dedicated server systems. Each plan comes with standard features to ensure your success. However, you can add on additional features, applications, and IT systems as needed. When you contact us, we will be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs. All of our supercharged managed server systems use business-grade hosting systems for the highest-quality connections. Our branded hardware has been tried and tested within multiple layouts to deliver accurate, precise, and raw power for all your web hosting needs. That’s just part of the Web Hosting Buzz promise with any server you choose. 

Forgetting About Data Backup & Recovery Systems

When it comes to success in the world of managed dedicated hosting, data backup and recovery systems are important features. However, many people fail to consider the ramifications of working with an IT company that does not provide these standard functions. Luckily, at Web Hosting Buzz, we are prepared with the most reliable data backup and recovery software on the market. 

Without data backup and recovery systems, your business information can be at risk at any point. For instance, a sudden data crash or breach could happen. An effective backup and recovery system can back up your information if a crash occurs in a secondary location. Then, after the main issues have been resolved, recovery systems kick into gear. Recovery systems can recover any temporarily lost data on hard drives, computer systems, or other locations. At Web Hosting Buzz, our data backup recovery systems have a 99.9% guarantee of backing up and/or recovering your data. 

Contact Us for Managed Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting Buzz offers multiple pricing and service options, including streamlined and affordable managed dedicated hosting plans. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a business owner, we can help. Our low-cost options make it easy for anyone to begin managed dedicated hosting. Plus, insights from our IT experts help you avoid these four mistakes. These mistakes can set you behind schedule with your web hosting goals. Contact us today, and we will help you make the right choice for your business.

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