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3 Red Flags to Watch Out For With Your Current IT Provider - WebHostingBuzz US Blog
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3 Red Flags to Watch Out For With Your Current IT Provider

IT provider red flags to be aware of this year.

Posted on 30 Aug 2022 by Michelle

When it comes to your IT services, your relationship with a reliable IT provider is everything. In fact, the relationship you have with a trusted IT provider can make or break daily business operations or even recreational computer actions. Therefore, it’s important to find an IT provider you can truly count on to supply you with reliable service, quality troubleshooting and support team functions, and so much more. There are many red flags you should watch out for with your current provider and switch over to a new company if you notice any of these warning signs. When it comes to IT provider red flags, we offer all the insights you need to make informed and wise investments long-term at Web Hosting Buzz! 

Our IT services are streamlined to bring you the best service on the market. We use fast servers, reliable hardware, software, and security scanning technology plus so much more. It’s our mission to pair IT users from all walks of life with the right plans and systems for their individual needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your IT future a little brighter. 

IT Provider Red Flags: Forced Upgrades and Add-Ons

One of the earliest warning signs that you need to switch to a new IT provider is continually forced upgrades and add-ons from your current company. Many IT companies make most of their money by trapping vulnerable IT users into complex plans which require continual upgrades. This can be done in multiple ways. 

Sometimes, they lock you into a plan with a contract that you can’t get out of and offer you unreliable system connections. As a result, you’re not able to receive the rapid connections and security you need to perform daily tasks. This forces you to seek upgrades to stay on top of life’s responsibilities. However, it comes with a price upgrade cost and a new plan price. Many times it also locks you into a new plan contract that you lose money on if you try to back out before your contract is up. 

Other times, they simply lock you into a contract and force an upgrade automatically, giving you no choice at all with sudden plan price increases. Furthermore, they might push unnecessary plugins and add-ons that don’t even fit your unique needs. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to look for a better IT provider such as Web Hosting Buzz. 

IT Provider Red Flags: Slow Response & Support Windows

Another major IT provider red flag is slow response and troubleshooting support from your IT team.  

When you encounter IT problems, it’s imperative that you can get the help you need. However, a slow response from your IT company can impact your overall operations as a business owner. Failed troubleshooting support could put you behind days or even weeks in your workload, decreasing efficiency and plummeting your profits. The best way to know you are getting reliable IT service is by how you are treated as a valued client at your IT provider. 

Slow response and support windows are key indicators that your service isn’t valued as an individual. The solution is to switch to a company that is there for you with 24/7 support online and via phone. We offer a 24/7 support ticket system here at Web Hosting Buzz. Day or night, we are here to help troubleshoot, direct you to helpful resources, answer your questions, and help you find the right IT solutions for your needs! That’s a company that cares!

IT provider red flags are numerous and dangerous.

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IT Provider Red Flags: Security Warnings, Breaches, and Crashes 

The final most common IT provider red flag to be aware of is common security warnings, breaches, threats, or crashes on your IT plan. If you are receiving constant notifications that your IT plan is not secure or might experience unstable or insecure connections, then you should be on high alert. Security threats are a serious issue. If your data falls into the wrong hands, your business or personal information could be leaked, stolen, altered, or destroyed quickly. 

Cyberattackers and hackers have only become craftier and more adept at finding new ways to infiltrate your IT systems. Without proper security protection and reliable security software from your IT provider, you are putting yourself in harm’s way. Therefore, report any odd IT activity you notice right away. Furthermore,  you should consider switching to an IT provider that offers reliable security software and antivirus systems.  At Web Hosting Buzz, our security systems are cutting-edge and employ antivirus technology with robust firewall protection.  

Contact Web Hosting Buzz Today

If you are ready to avoid these three IT provider red flags, then don’t hesitate. We invite you to reach out to our IT professionals today. We can help you begin searching for the best IT plan. At Web Hosting Buzz IT services, we provide fast and secure connections at an affordable cost. Plus, we provide a 24/7 support team system. You always receive the care you need whenever you need it the most. You can count on us for all your IT needs with flexible and truly exceptional service at Web Hosting Buzz. Visit our website today to learn more about everything we have to offer.

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